Latex clothing – dress sexy goddess Tian Li philosophy

A beautiful woman has long hair , with a chiffon dress, dress with spaghetti straps models micro Luxiang Jian , open-toed high-heeled sandals at least three inches above the feet , legs Chende more slender , graceful curve she is in my heart – the standard image of a sexy goddess ! In fact, every woman has the potential to transform , as long as find their own clothes. Sexy, look at where a lot of people think I dress dress sexy all the time , in fact, I just follow different occasions in the dress and accessories do small changes and grasp a few broad principles , we can show the perfect dress Philosophical . Women lolita dress must look for different occasions , to express their own merits , if wearing inappropriate clothes do not fit in the case , is a very shameful thing, make your image completely destroyed ! Suppose you want to attend the Walk of Fame awards ceremony this type of activity, I will insist on wearing a big dress, evening gown that is authentic , the largest party and gorgeous looks , there is no restriction on the colors, but I do not choose Skirt, because there place where the red carpet wear long dress trailing only apparent draw weight. Dating, I was wearing a skirt to emphasize the best , whether it is indoors or outdoors , dressed all in order to dress better, wear skirts when love is at least some dating myself, regardless mini skirt , wide skirts , short skirts, very convenient , but also to show the feminine, even in the car when the two men can flirt , then dress exudes a fatal attraction .

As for a woman to wear pants when the most appropriate ? I suggest that the best girls wear pants to ensure safety when go to nightclubs . I often see girls neat to go in the club , then drank a drunken man on his shoulders was carried out in the course of carry , because wearing a short skirt revealing underwear exposure , there is more to say how ugly ugly, so the girls in the club drinking , be sure to keep the elegance, then how else the United States , at that time seem to have ugly ! In fact, when you go to a nightclub sexy dress, the scale is the best there is to see , and see the dew ! It is a little low-cut tight little cute , showing the upper body quickly see both vague and can not see , so sexy ! Which is the third secret of cleavage , bare this time than people see there is a looming sexy, but added daydream space. Lower body side, with a tight-fitting bell bottom pants , revealing a woman can repair the lines curve , considering the night cold , preferably also with a little jacket , so go to nightclubs is both sexy and safe state , even drinking hung up , was who will carry out the elegant , the same will not wear skirts emptied .

I like to play wearing a variety of different types , like Chibi girl, like last time to help my mom do Qingsheng TG lie , my take is that sexy lingerie inside , as well as batons and handcuffs , etc. , that are made of plastic handcuffs , like to go to the motel a couple can be considered to increase fun. Also, I started from the age of 18 to wear a small thong , interruption , do not think that only thin can wear thongs , in fact, it took part in a lot of size, even Tunxing does not look good , wear modified with good results. Note, however, that the purchase thong , be sure to choose a larger size , because you can not wear too tight , otherwise the meat squeezed out , but just the opposite effect . Through the sexiest clothes – latex clothes I had worn a dress called latex clothing, it is the Europeans play fashion , fun to play , play the highest realm of the flesh ! Is there really such a sexy dress in Europe party, great stage effects . Each latex clothes are very fit, it is molded out of the press machine , no seam marks and car line , wear very fit , like a doctor into the operating room with the kind of glove material . Put it very close tight, because the line stretched out completely tight , it can be very sensual . Because the latex in both personal and airtight case, do not even wear underwear , so it is best to wear in the absence of sweating , latex clothing has a variety of styles, what color it has , which especially translucent sexiest color , slightly exposed Jitu two points , it can be called truly agonistic sexy goddess sheets . Such latex corset costume too bold , very few people dare to wear in Taiwan, but also in foreign countries a price between NT $ 10,000 to 30,000 , this latex clothing parties, have introduced many foreign books on my blog wear purple vest that a tummy , is called latex clothing, which is the authentic SM Queen’s appearance .

Lolita fashion: ‘The epitome of the kawaii’

SAPPORO – Beautifully frilled dresses, fantastic balloon skirts, and much more.

These Lolita clothes are displayed in abundance at a company office on the second floor of an old red brick building in central Sapporo.

“This is the epitome of the ‘kawaii’ that women dream of,” said Yuko Ota, who cofounded the company, while applying makeup for a female customer. The woman visited the company office to try out Lolita fashion. Ota says this fashion style attracts customers across a wide age range, from teens to those in their 50s.

Ota, 60, established the company, Kitaloli, that manufactures and sells Lolita dresses, with Asako Mitsuhashi, a fashion marketing specialist, in August 2013. Three graduates of a fashion school where Ota had taught are now involved with producing the clothes at the company.

Born in Sapporo, Ota was employed by a cosmetic company after she graduated from high school, and worked in Kyoto. Then she moved back home and got married at age 21.

When she was 38, she became determined to work in the beauty industry again.

She received training in New York and made other efforts to improve the makeup skills she had initially acquired while working for the cosmetic company. Later, Ota began her new career as a makeup artist and started giving lectures at vocational schools and a high school.

Meeting Mitsuhashi became a turning point in Ota’s life. Mitsuhashi, also 60, taught at the same vocational school as Ota did. Around 2008, when the nation was suffering from a recession, many of their students could not find work. Given such circumstances, the two found they shared a mutual ambition to create a business where their former students could work, utilizing their own expertise.

Lolita fashion was a solution the fashion expert and beauty specialist discovered after a serious search.

Around that time, at a vocational school, at least one student every year would choose Lolita fashion as their theme for the graduation exam. Also, many events related to the fashion style had been held in Japan and abroad as an example of the “Cool Japan” phenomenon. However, some Lolita fashion lovers could not enjoy such style of dress as much as they wished, as their families did not understand their taste in fashion, according to Ota.

The two wanted to create an environment where Lolita fashion lovers could become confident with the fashion style as an example of cool culture originating in Japan. So they set up Sapporo Lolita Club, an event planning group, in April 2012.

The club held an event where people could try Lolita clothes in an underground pedestrian walkway in Sapporo in February. “We expected five people or so to come at most. But more than 40 people attended the event, and that surprised us,” recalled Ota.

Today, the group has about 280 members. About 80 per cent of them are from Hokkaido and some members live abroad, including in France and Taiwan.

When Ota and Mitsuhashi established Kitaloli, it was not easy for them to gather together the funds to start the company.

They still struggle to sell their products as major companies have greater market presence. Ota quit working as a lecturer in March.

Now she is devoted to running the company and trying to achieve their dream of joining hands with former students to create an environment where they can work together.

Looking for some sexy bikinis for your summer swimwear wardrobe

Looking for some sexy bikinis for your summer swimwear wardrobe? In 2010 you will find the lasted trends in sexy bikini swimwear in every color under the rainbow. From sweet pastels to beautiful brilliant jewels tones. As well you will fine a wide variety of prints from animal prints, floral prints and sweet polka dot bikinis.

Your bikini can be any wild color or pattern you want. Hot pinks, neon’s, and light blues are very popular. If you want the bohemian look you can go for jewel tones such as green, purple, red or royal blue. Also why not go crazy with another hot trend in swimwear with animal prints swimwear.

You do not have to be a skinny to look great in a bikini! In the Spring 2010 Bikini Collection we will see sophisticated looks, tie-dyes, ethnic prints and bright colors Bikini swimwear. The Sophisticated sexy bikini swimwear will be the theme for 2010 swimwear season.

Styling and details include reversible skimpy bottoms, underwire bras; studding and metal rings will be seen all over the beaches in 2010.Swimwear fashions will include bold and bright colors bikinis. Swimwear accents will include chunky cuff bracelets and large gold earrings. Some of the other popular colours will include a lot of hot pink, turquoise and bright green swimsuits. There were a lot of bikinis to pick from in 2010, including the favourites: string bikinis, bandeau cups and triangle cups.

Not quite ready to wear a sexy swimwear to the beach then maybe you should consider a Sexy Cut Away One Piece swimsuit. The Sexy Cut Away Swimsuit is a major trend of 2010 it’s a style being applied to bikinis and swimwear. It’s super sexy and it can be as subtle or as shredded as you’re comfortable with. If you’re going subtle with the cut away, you can definitely look into a bold color to sport along with this trend.

How to Dress Sexy & Look Good in Sexy Clothes

How to dress sexy, I’ve said it over and over that to come across as sexy is about you and not the clothes you wear. Think about it, hold the dress you tend on wearing out in front of you and what does it say, that’s right “nothing.” Now slip the dress over your curves and see the transformation. If you don’t have curves then add a wiggle to your walk and the dress once again will appear different? Do you see where I am going with this.

Fair enough a low cut dress with a bulging pair of breasts hanging over it, or tight jeans showing the shape of your bits in much intimate detail may no doubt be seen as sexy, but it can all so be seen as sluttish. So forget how to dress sexy and learn more on how to become sexy. To be sexy will include different things like how you present yourself, the way you act, the way you talk even the way you walk. The whole purpose of wanting to look sexy is usually for the sake of others, but it’s difficult because every person has their own opinion on what they see as sexy. So how is it done?

It’s a catch 22 situation if you’re out to impress this way. If we only knew what the other person is thinking would make things much easier, however we don’t, and it’s a chance you have to take. We don’t want the person you’re attracted to… see you as the village bike, but to perceive you as being sexy from the way you present yourself.

Sexy can happen even when wearing baggy pants or high neck blouse. It only takes little things like pouting the lips, wiggling the butt in rhythm with each step you take, or putting on a husky voice to work. But once again will this swing it for you in regards to the person who you want to see you as sexy dress. Maybe their perception of sexiness is judged if you like, on posture, the way a person laughs or smiles, or the way they sit with their legs crossed, the list is endless. As long as you remember it is not all about dressing sexy, but to be sexy is the key.

Usually, people who look for advice on how to dress sexy, look sexy, or change a body part so it looks more sexier – feel inadequate about them self for some reason or another. Many women gripe wanting their legs more shapely, their figure curvier or their teeth straightened. And these same women who gripe have perfectly shaped legs, an hourglass figure and teeth straighter than a level. So this tells us the problem lies with their way of thinking when it resorts to this.

A few lingerie tips

I always get a lot of questions (text, pictures, etc) about lingerie; in Denton, I feel like I’ve kind of become the local resident lingerie specialist. I often get a lot of the same questions, so I wanted to compile some of the advice that I frequently give in one place. (And perhaps if I get more questions, I’ll do a follow-up to this post.) As always, it’s very difficult to diagnose some lingerie problems or give 100% always-accurate advice over the internet, so please take or leave this advice as you see fit!

Hydrogen Peroxide removes blood stains.

During my period, I usually only wear black panties (in true medieval doctor fashion); after all, it’s a cosmic law of the universe that every pair of underwear eventually becomes period underwear.

However, in the event that your brightly or lightly colored sexy panties do fall victim to this terrible fate, you can remove the blood stains with hydrogen peroxide. Just pour the hydrogen peroxide on the stain as quickly as possible, and watch it fizz away the blood. You may have to do some light scrubbing (if you use any water, it must be COLD) and depending on your stain, it may require a few applications, but it should significantly reduce the stain. I use a 3% solution (you can check the ingredient label for this) because anything above 10% might bleach your clothes. I also recommend testing this on a patch of the garment that isn’t readily visible before pouring a lot on it just to make sure you don’t bleach it out.

This only works BEFORE you’ve washed your underwear. Hot water will seal the stain, so make sure to get them as clean as possible before washing.

Aerie has the matching panties that you’re looking for.

I know I’ve posted about this before, but Aerie carries lovely undies in every shade. If they don’t have the shade you’re looking for now now, they will have it eventually. This takes a lot of pressure off of spending tons of money on matching sets. Not that we don’t like to all splurge once in a while – but if your budget is tight, I highly recommend checking out their selection of vintage lace.

Don’t just shop for sizes, shop for shapes.

Boobs come in a huge range of sizes, but they also come in VERY different shapes. Some are fuller at the bottom (sometimes called “shallow” or “tear-shaped”) whereas some are fuller at the top; some are more wide-set than others, and some women have naturally perky cleavage. All boobs look different. Do yourself a favor: don’t google this because you’ll find a ton of degrading descriptions and charts of breasts from plastic surgeons trying to capitalize on your insecurities. Just know that there is no such thing as “weirdly-shaped breasts.”

Since breasts come in a variety of shapes, it logically follows that some bra shapes will offer you better support than others. Trying on various fits of bras can help you discover what you like best. As a shallow cup, I personally prefer 1/2 or 1/4 cup bras, balconet bras, or triangle bras – but of course that’s just my personal preference. Experiment with molding, no molding, padding, no padding, t-shirt, full coverage, and various other bra silhouettes – you may find that you have a preference, too.

Click here to see larger

Store your lingerie in an over-the-door shoe organizer.

True, it’s not the most elegant way to store lingerie, but it’s a great way to save space and to make your undies easily accessible (I personally hate digging through drawers). It also keeps your bras from stretching on hangers or getting flattened/squished in a drawer. If you have full-cup bras, they may not fit comfortably into the pockets, in which case this solution may only work for your panties, garters, and hosiery. Don’t try to force your bras to fit in, or you may damage the shape of them.

Mine is mesh because I like to be able to see everything in each pocket, but any will work. I got mine from the Container Store several years ago, but I don’t see the same shoe organizer on their website. I like this one on Amazon.

And yes, mine (pictured right) is vaguely color-coded. I’m very detail-oriented!

Lastly, some of my favorite lingerie blogs to follow are The Lingerie Addict and The Lingerie Lesbian. Both of their blogs constantly feature great articles on bra fit, bra styles, lingerie designers (both big & independent), and even social topics surrounding lingerie. It also helps that they are both just all-around wonderful ladies.


Whether you are pregnant or just had a baby, you will need to organize your lingerie into three piles: toss, keep and store for later organization. Jenny Altman noted that it is important to be realistic about what deserves valuable drawer space. Here are some of her tips on how to get organized.

Toss: Anything that is torn, frayed, has wires popping out or has not been worn in two plus years should be tossed. Our sizes change often as we get older and have babies, so that tiny little thong and bra you once wore may never fit again. And even if they do (one day’?¦far, far away’?) what are the chances you’??ll want to wear something that old. Clearing out space makes room for new purchases and that always feels good!

Keep: Bras, panties and camis that worked for the 3-4 months before your pregnancy will probably work right after pregnancy. Try to purchase your nursing bras at month seven or eight so they are a worthy investment. You can wear them towards the end when your breasts keep growing and after baby when you are nursing. Make these functional pieces the main feature of your drawer so that you aren’??t feeling guilty when you spot the lacey treat you once wore first thing in the am. It’??s a good thing, pregnancy, so get excited about what that porn-star size bra is telling you-a baby is coming!

Store for later: If you have space, even just room at the top of your closet for a storage box, you may keep any bras and sexy panties that you were wearing within the year before your pregnancy. They may fit again, so if you loved these items, spent a small fortune on them, or found them comfortable, hold onto them. BUT-proceed with caution. You are keeping them as a maybe, since they may not work post-baby. Make sure to re-visit the storage box within a year and see if it was worth keeping aside. If items don’??t fit by then, make a promise to yourself to toss them and buy some new goodies that will make you feel sexy and excited to wear.

Benefits of Wearing Shaping Lingerie

There are many types of shaping lingerie that can address different problem areas. You may simply want to hide some stubborn flab around the midsection, or you might want to sport some shapely thighs under skinny jeans. There are even full-body shaping lingerie pieces that can give you instant contours and curves. But these types of undergarments are not just for achieving that perfect hourglass figure, shaping lingerie has more benefits that you can uncover with long-term use.

Benefits in Appearance

There are three primary areas that are addressed by body shaping lingerie: the bust, waist, and the hips. One big benefit of wearing shaping lingerie is that you instantly get that feminine silhouette. With the right push-up bra, corset, and thigh shaper, you have that hourglass figure that will go well with your sexiest dress. And all these can be achieved in an instant, without having to see a cosmetic surgeon. The corset or girdle can tame that stubborn flab around your midsection. Thighs can seem less flabby with the thigh shaper. You can create better cleavage with the right push-up. For every problem area, there is a quick fix in the shape of a body shaper.

Shaping lingerie, especially the full-body shapers, promote good posture. They keep your midsection so tight that slouching becomes very uncomfortable. Having good posture helps greatly in adding to your sexy appearance. So not only do you look slim and curvy, you also end up looking confident. Plus, good posture is always good for keeping back pain at bay.

Benefits in Weight Loss Efforts

Another big benefit to body shaping sexy lingerie is that these tight fabrics actually further promote weight loss. Shaping lingerie is usually made from Lycra or silicone, a warm but breathable material. Notice that if you go to the spa for some weight-loss treatments, they usually recommend the sauna and a body wrap? Well, Lycra works in a similar fashion. Lycra wraps around your problem areas and keeps them warm. Plus, when you move, the material creates friction against these areas, causing them to sweat. This is why most women who regularly wear shaping lingerie find that their flab slowly disappears over time.

Benefits in Self-Esteem

Believe it or not, not only does shaping lingerie change your outward appearance, it can change your attitude towards weight-loss as well. Most women who wear body shaping lingerie are encouraged to retain a healthy and active lifestyle. This is because once you get a sneak peek of what your body shape can possibly become, you start to believe that your dream figure is achievable.

Seeing your body in a sexy silhouette will make you want to pursue a healthy diet and keep up your weight-loss efforts. Sporting curves and managing to slip into that slim dress also gives you a boost in self-esteem, which tends to remain long after you’ve slipped off the lingerie.

Many men choose to buy lingerie for their partners

There are many special occasions throughout the year but how many of you forget to buy gifts or simply wait till you have found the right one? Many of us leave purchasing gifts as we believe that something will pop up in our minds closer to the time or, in many cases, we have simply forgot.

Many men choose to buy lingerie for their partners, but it is essential to get it right otherwise it could cause problems for you. When you choose the right lingerie you will certainly know about it, because she will be overjoyed. We have a few tips which will ensure that you get lingerie buying just right, and you will be able to avoid having to return the lingerie you have bought.

This may sound pretty simple but most men do not know what size their partner is and will guess when they’re stood in the lingerie store. You want to avoid this happening to you, so be sure to check the sizes she has in her lingerie drawer, you want to look at the lingerie she wears most often as this will be the lingerie that fits her best. You should also look to see what different brands she has and if the sizing changes between them because she may be a different size, and so taking note of the brands and sizes will make it easier for you.

You might think that colour doesn’t matter much when buying lingerie but it is an essential. Look in her lingerie drawer and you are likely to see a few key colours, these are the colours that go well with her wardrobe and which she feels confident wearing. You are most likely looking for sexy lingerie rather than everyday lingerie, so look at the colours of lingerie she wears when you’re having a sexy night in, does she go for the classic black or is she bolder and wears red, green, or purple?

For sexy lingerie you want to avoid anything that’s made of lycra. It’s usually used in shapewear and so will send the wrong signals. Lace, silk, and satin are the fabrics which you want to focus on. You will find that these fabrics are luxurious and will portray the right image that you want when purchasing lingerie as a gift.

Lingerie is an essential part in a women’s wardrobe

Lingerie is an essential part in a women’s wardrobe. She will always have a good and comfortable collection of this. Sexy Lingerie is been preferred normally to drive the partner crazy. It is been chosen keeping in mind the body type and the comfort level. It is something every woman takes care of while choosing it for her.

Sexy Panties
It is a perfect outfit to enhance your bottoms and make you comfortable and sexy. Made with different types of transparent fabrics like chiffon or nylon and decorated with laces, ribbons it will make you look desirable. The sexy panties are available in different colors which will suit your body types and size. It is been brought for the ladies to buy something new this season at an affordable rate and to increase the collection in their wardrobe. There are different patterns and styles available for the ladies keeping in mind the trend.

Comfortable Nightgown
In this section of cheap sexy lingerie there is a variety of nightgowns made in different colors and lengths. It is sleeveless, half sleeves, backless, one shoulder off according to different patterns. Made from comfortable and soft fabric like silk and satin the clothing gives a shiny look making it look seductive and is available in all the sizes. It is even made in fabrics like cotton or wool for winter season so it gives warmth as well as looks cool.

Types of Lingerie
There are different patterns and styles available in this like Baby doll is a soft gown which has sometimes built in cups, Camisole is a loose top which goes to the waist area, Teddy it is a combination of camisole and panty where you can wear panty beneath the camisole to make it look more hot, Chemise is a simple type of gown which goes only above the knee length, Peignoir is that kind of gown which is long in length and goes till the ankles.

Lots of varieties and colors are been used to design the lingerie as it is a very important part of clothing for a women. She is very particular while choosing those as she has to be comfortable as well as look sexy in it. It should be something which not only looks pretty but should be alluring to the partner. Make yourself look sexy and hot this season and add up some new sexy lingerie in your collection.

How To Choose A Great Couples Lingerie Set

Physical expression of love is enhanced by certain elements and sexy lingerie is exactly something that can stoke the feelings and signal the beginning of some unforgettable moments between the two. Hence, it is important that the couple chooses the lingerie with the greatest care and planning.

Let us take a look at the various factors that must be taken into account before the couple goes to buy lingerie.

First, decide on the main objective of buying lingerie. If you think that this will help the two of you profess your love and increase the intimacy, then think what kind of stuff will exactly do that? Think of the colors, sizes and the occasions when she will wear this. All of your purchasing decisions must be influenced by these factors.

Second, think of the comfort factor. A couples lingerie cannot really be counted as an erotic lingerie till the time your girl feels completely comfortable in it. The materials must be good and the fit must be right so that she feels absolutely comfortable with you. So do not compromise the comfort factor by over emphasizing on the style quotient.

Third, certain colors can more easily be identified with romantic occasions than the others. For example, red and pink are known to be associated with feelings of love and intimacy. So, ideally pick up some red and pink lingerie for those special moments so that these can add to the special moments.

Fourth, pick up the stuff depending on the weather. Of course, the materials are going to be different for warmer and cooler weathers. For example, cotton stuff will be more suitable for the warmer climate while a silk or a satin stuff will be moire suitable for a relatively cooler climate.

Fifth, keep in mind the outerwear you have. A couples lingerie must go with the outerwear in terms of colors, materials and very importantly, fitment. For example, if you have been wearing jeans, ruffle bras or panties might not go with those. A plain and flat style will just do fine.

The best way to evaluate what you have bought is to experience the moment of closeness with your loved one with the thing on. If you think that this have been helping you to enjoy the occasion, then it is the right choice.