3 Annoying FIFA 15 Elements That Need to Be Improved

There’s no denying that Fifa 15 Coins is a very good football game (yeah, yeah, soccer). It’s realistic in many ways and being good, really truly good at it, involves taking all of those amazing details into account. All in all, it can be an amazing experience that makes up for the ones that those of us who were unable to get real professional experience.

Nonetheless, there are some things that break the realism and even make you feel cheated: the fact that so many in-game situations look like fouls. It seems a bit exaggerated at first, but FIFA 15’s physics work in a way in which players usually fall hard and spectacularly. This doesn’t really matter when you are playing against an easy AI, but when taking on professional and world class difficulties it begins to weigh on the overall experience.

While human players try to play it clean and avoid having players booked or sent off, Fifa 15’s AI opponents seem to use full force and dangerous tackles with an astounding amount of success. This wouldn’t be a problem if they didn’t make your players slam into the floor, which additionally prevents any quick reaction. As this happens more and more often, it’s pretty easy to get angry and frustrated.

The game’s physics are good, but they need a bit of visual balancing so it doesn’t look like the referee is being unfair.

The Game’s AI Works in Mysterious Ways

As said before, FIFA 15’s physics are pretty great. Both the ball and the players respond to realistic simulations which even vary depending on the field’s conditions, which is pretty awesome. Needless to say, players are material things that can collide.

This generates a big deal of realistic situations in which players bump and even fall to the ground. This also means the ball can deflect off a player and generate unpredictable situations, just like in real life.

FIFA 15’s problem with this is that the AI often becomes extremely dumb under these situations. Many times players get in the way of their own teammates or goal-bound shots. What’s even worse is that when this happens with an opposition player, it frequently ends up being a foul. The worst case scenario is when a goalkeeper is in the mix; I’ve had a good share of own goals because of this AI flaw.

Most Teams Lack Personality

Any football fan knows each team has its personality based on the coach’s choices and the players available. In this way, big representatives of high quality football such as Barcelona and Real Madrid play in notoriously different ways and try to keep their own style regardless of the score.

Now, it’s pretty obvious that winning a match may require less-than-spectacular defensive tactics. Nonetheless, as difficulty is cranked up in FIFA 15, teams begin to change their mentality in ways that- while somewhat realistic – become very annoying and make matches become a real pain.

If a weak team is completely overwhelmed by its adversary’s quality, anyone would understand the use of ultra defensive tactics and settling for a tie. However, this procedure is followed by many teams, including important ones.

What makes this even worse is that additional variables such as derby matches and league positions seldom affect how a team behaves on the pitch.

Benefits of Wearing Shaping Lingerie

There are many types of shaping lingerie that can address different problem areas. You may simply want to hide some stubborn flab around the midsection, or you might want to sport some shapely thighs under skinny jeans. There are even full-body shaping lingerie pieces that can give you instant contours and curves. But these types of undergarments are not just for achieving that perfect hourglass figure, shaping lingerie has more benefits that you can uncover with long-term use.

Benefits in Appearance

There are three primary areas that are addressed by body shaping lingerie: the bust, waist, and the hips. One big benefit of wearing shaping lingerie is that you instantly get that feminine silhouette. With the right push-up bra, corset, and thigh shaper, you have that hourglass figure that will go well with your sexiest dress. And all these can be achieved in an instant, without having to see a cosmetic surgeon. The corset or girdle can tame that stubborn flab around your midsection. Thighs can seem less flabby with the thigh shaper. You can create better cleavage with the right push-up. For every problem area, there is a quick fix in the shape of a body shaper.

Shaping lingerie, especially the full-body shapers, promote good posture. They keep your midsection so tight that slouching becomes very uncomfortable. Having good posture helps greatly in adding to your sexy appearance. So not only do you look slim and curvy, you also end up looking confident. Plus, good posture is always good for keeping back pain at bay.

Benefits in Weight Loss Efforts

Another big benefit to body shaping sexy lingerie is that these tight fabrics actually further promote weight loss. Shaping lingerie is usually made from Lycra or silicone, a warm but breathable material. Notice that if you go to the spa for some weight-loss treatments, they usually recommend the sauna and a body wrap? Well, Lycra works in a similar fashion. Lycra wraps around your problem areas and keeps them warm. Plus, when you move, the material creates friction against these areas, causing them to sweat. This is why most women who regularly wear shaping lingerie find that their flab slowly disappears over time.

Benefits in Self-Esteem

Believe it or not, not only does shaping lingerie change your outward appearance, it can change your attitude towards weight-loss as well. Most women who wear body shaping lingerie are encouraged to retain a healthy and active lifestyle. This is because once you get a sneak peek of what your body shape can possibly become, you start to believe that your dream figure is achievable.

Seeing your body in a sexy silhouette will make you want to pursue a healthy diet and keep up your weight-loss efforts. Sporting curves and managing to slip into that slim dress also gives you a boost in self-esteem, which tends to remain long after you’ve slipped off the lingerie.

Lingerie Model Angelina Tracy Tells How Charlie Secretly Visited Her and Why

Charlie Sheen, star of “Two and a half men”, is accused of having a secret relationship with sexy lingerie model Angelina Tracy. But Angelina says that she and Charlie met in rehab in February of this year and their relationship is just ‘rehab-related,’ according to NY Daily News.

Charlie Sheen Relationship ‘Rehab-Related’: Angelina Tracy Tells How

Charlie went into rehab in February, according to Angelina, and she was already there herself. She doesn’t say what her treatment was about, but Angelina says that the “Two and a half men” star Charlie Sheen was instrumental in making her stay so much better, since he helped her with her problem.

But Charlie was just a ‘rehab relationship’ according to Angelina; nothing else was ‘going on’ she claims. In fact, Angelina says that Charlie wouldn’t even have been disguising himself and bringing her flowers while she was there if her brother hadn’t asked him to. Although she does say his disguise was a ‘tongue in cheek’ act for the reporters he knew were following him.

But what’s this about Angelina’s brother? Oh, yeah, did I forget to mention that her sibling was also in rehab too? He was in the same area as Charlie and interceeded on behalf of his sister, requesting Charlie ‘encourage her’ during her stint in rehab, according to Angelina in an email she sent the NY Daily News. So that’s how she and Charlie supposedly hooked up in the first place.

Charlie Sheen Relationship ‘Rehab-Related’: Angelina Not a Paid Mistress or Escort

Charlie doesn’t have to worry about Angelina’s reputation, or speaking out on her behalf to the press, because Angelina is taking matters into her own hands. And she is insisting that she isn’t some paid mistress or escort. And she wants the rumors stopped, as they are “extremely hurtful and damaging.” Continue reading

Women like to feel sexy; pure and simple

Of course when a woman is dating a man, particularly at the very beginning of the relationship, she’s bound to have a vast selection of sexy nightwear to choose from. But even single women like to feel sexy, and bedtime is one of those times where to some, feeling sexy is very important. Sexy nightwear is the perfect way to make this happen.

No I’m not implying that this is an everyday thing, because let’s be honest, we all at some point just want to throw on the sweats and the baggy t-shirts and just cuddle up in bed. But for the other times, when sexy nightwear seems to be the way to go, you should know that there are no shortages in options when it comes to nighttime lingerie.

If you are someone who has never really worn sexy nightwear or sexy lingerie in general, the choices can be overwhelming. If you’re on the shy side, or just would like to peruse your options without being hassled by the sales ladies, then shopping online might be where you want to start. The lingerie stores online are usually separated into categories of lingerie like sexy nightwear, corsets, bustiers, bra and panty sets, bridal lingerie, stockings, you get the drift. Familiarize yourself with the many options and think about what you would be comfortable in and what would make you feel you’re sexiest. Continue reading