Many men choose to buy lingerie for their partners

There are many special occasions throughout the year but how many of you forget to buy gifts or simply wait till you have found the right one? Many of us leave purchasing gifts as we believe that something will pop up in our minds closer to the time or, in many cases, we have simply forgot.

Many men choose to buy lingerie for their partners, but it is essential to get it right otherwise it could cause problems for you. When you choose the right lingerie you will certainly know about it, because she will be overjoyed. We have a few tips which will ensure that you get lingerie buying just right, and you will be able to avoid having to return the lingerie you have bought.

This may sound pretty simple but most men do not know what size their partner is and will guess when they’re stood in the lingerie store. You want to avoid this happening to you, so be sure to check the sizes she has in her lingerie drawer, you want to look at the lingerie she wears most often as this will be the lingerie that fits her best. You should also look to see what different brands she has and if the sizing changes between them because she may be a different size, and so taking note of the brands and sizes will make it easier for you.

You might think that colour doesn’t matter much when buying lingerie but it is an essential. Look in her lingerie drawer and you are likely to see a few key colours, these are the colours that go well with her wardrobe and which she feels confident wearing. You are most likely looking for sexy lingerie rather than everyday lingerie, so look at the colours of lingerie she wears when you’re having a sexy night in, does she go for the classic black or is she bolder and wears red, green, or purple?

For sexy lingerie you want to avoid anything that’s made of lycra. It’s usually used in shapewear and so will send the wrong signals. Lace, silk, and satin are the fabrics which you want to focus on. You will find that these fabrics are luxurious and will portray the right image that you want when purchasing lingerie as a gift.