Lingerie Model Angelina Tracy Tells How Charlie Secretly Visited Her and Why

Charlie Sheen, star of “Two and a half men”, is accused of having a secret relationship with sexy lingerie model Angelina Tracy. But Angelina says that she and Charlie met in rehab in February of this year and their relationship is just ‘rehab-related,’ according to NY Daily News.

Charlie Sheen Relationship ‘Rehab-Related’: Angelina Tracy Tells How

Charlie went into rehab in February, according to Angelina, and she was already there herself. She doesn’t say what her treatment was about, but Angelina says that the “Two and a half men” star Charlie Sheen was instrumental in making her stay so much better, since he helped her with her problem.

But Charlie was just a ‘rehab relationship’ according to Angelina; nothing else was ‘going on’ she claims. In fact, Angelina says that Charlie wouldn’t even have been disguising himself and bringing her flowers while she was there if her brother hadn’t asked him to. Although she does say his disguise was a ‘tongue in cheek’ act for the reporters he knew were following him.

But what’s this about Angelina’s brother? Oh, yeah, did I forget to mention that her sibling was also in rehab too? He was in the same area as Charlie and interceeded on behalf of his sister, requesting Charlie ‘encourage her’ during her stint in rehab, according to Angelina in an email she sent the NY Daily News. So that’s how she and Charlie supposedly hooked up in the first place.

Charlie Sheen Relationship ‘Rehab-Related’: Angelina Not a Paid Mistress or Escort

Charlie doesn’t have to worry about Angelina’s reputation, or speaking out on her behalf to the press, because Angelina is taking matters into her own hands. And she is insisting that she isn’t some paid mistress or escort. And she wants the rumors stopped, as they are “extremely hurtful and damaging.”

Angelina explains that Charlie was merely playing a role with her (where have I heard that before?). She says that Charlie was just being like one of those alcholics anonymous sponsors who help the new kid (I guess if you go in for rehab you qualify right away to be a sponsor? even if you haven’t licked your own problem?).

In an email to the NY Daily News, Angelina says that, “The type of counseling that Charlie has given me is personal.” Oh, boy. I’ll say it is. But maybe Brooke, Charlie’s wife, was okay with it.

Charlie Sheen Relationship ‘Rehab-Related’: Angelina Hasn’t Met Charlie’s Wife But Brooke is Hot Too Now

While Charlie and Angelina appear to be new buds, Angelina says that she has yet to meet Charlie’s wife Brooke. No kidding. But according to RadarOnline, Brooke went all hot when she heard about Angelina and Charlie possibly being an item in rehab. And since Brooke could move forward with those domestic abuse charges at any time, Charlie might do well to cool it if he is involved with Angelina.

But Angelina is reaching out to the press herself, trying to set the record straight and get people off poor Charlie’s back. “I really wish people would get off his case and see him as a human being,” Angelina said. She went on to also say this as well about the “Two and a half men star”: [He's just] “…a regular guy with a unique profession who is just trying to keep his demons at bay.”

Angelina says she does feel very beholden to Charlie: “I will say that he has helped me immensely and I will be forever grateful to him.” It would appear that ole Charlie really is “Two and a half men” if you ask Angelina. Now let’s see if Brooke still agrees.